There were numerous models of Frank Holton & Co. trumpets / cornets through the years.  This is a collection of user submitted instruments.  Click on thumbnails for larger images.

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Model 45 - Revelation

Model: 45
Series: Revelation
Key: Bb

A medium bore moderately priced trumpet of exceptional performance. The outstanding feature of this model is the slight “edge” to its tone quality which makes it the preferred instrument with many trumpet players, especially for radio and recording work.

Responds very easily and quickly and with fine flexibility. Superior tuning even to an excellent middle D.

  • Top action valves
  • Bore 0.459
  • Weight 39 ounces.

Model 47 - Symphony

Model: 47
Series: Symphony
Key: Bb

The Holton No. 47 trumpet sets entirely new and higher standards of intonation even without the aid of its quick acting tuning fist slide “trigger” and third slide tuning adjustment.

Coupled with this tuning, model No. 47 delivers a live, vibrant, satisfying tone that responds easily, quickly and yet with a controlled resistance that makes even the longest sessions noticeable easier. Valve action is lighting fast to ingenious design and the use of special copper-nickel alloy valves which require no plating and which have an oil retaining finish.

  • Medium bore (0.459)
  • One piece bell

Revelation "Llewellyn" model

Series: Revelation “Llewellyn” model
Key: Bb

Edw. Llewellyn was the first trumpet of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra in the 20’s and 30’s. He was one of the most well known trumpet players of his time. (Renold Schilke studied with Llewellyn starting in 1928.) He played Holton Revelations exclusively and this is simply a version of such with a large bore to suit his use.

The main tuning slide is reversed like the Martin Committee Model, and I would compare the sound most closely to the Committee. It would most likely have been used originally in an orchestral situation, however this is an amazing jazz horn today.

The price for a standard Holton Revelation in 1927 cost $87.00. The cost for the Deluxe as auctioned here was $210.00

Model 49 - Stratodyne

Model: 49
Series: Stratodyne
Key: Bb

Model 49 Stratodyne Trumpet – The Stratodyne trumpet responds almost as easily and lightly as breathing itself. The high register is remarkably easy and playable. Tone is brilliant, but not brittle -0 full, not heavy – truly an all-purpose trumpet.

In short the Holton Stratodyne is built to satisfy the most exciting and those who want the best money can buy. To own a Stratodyne is to know the pleasure, confidence and pride of ownership which go with possession of a truly fine musical instrument.

Bore 0.459, weight without mouthpiece 38 ounces, bell diameter 4 13/16. Equipped with a “trigger” tuning adjustment on the first slide.

Model 51 - Revelation

Model: 51
Series: Revelation
Key: Bb

Developed by Holton for professionals who demand the ultimate in large bore power, brilliance and response, this trumpet has met with enthusiastic praise wherever it has appeared. With all of its power house capacity, it retains the fine tonal coloring, exceptional flexibility, fine intonation, and easy blowing qualities that characterize Holton trumpets.

Large Bore (0.465). Bb only.

Model 58 - Symphony

Model: 58 Bass trumpet
Series: Symphony
Key: Bb

No. 58 Bass Trumpet – The bass trumpet is becoming an increasingly popular tenor voice in both band and orchestra. The Holton Model 58 is an exceptional fine bass trumpet pitched in Bb, an octave below regular trumpets. Very easy blowing. Beautiful tone. Fine Intonation.

Model 400 - Ideal

Model: 400
Series: Ideal
Key: Bb

Model 405 - Ideal

Model: 405
Series: Ideal
Key: Bb

Model B47

Model: B47
Key: Bb


Model: Collegiate
Key: Bb

Super Collegiate

Model: Super Collegiate
Key: Bb


Model: Reso-tone
Key: Bb


There were numerous models of Frank Holton & Co. cornets through the years.  This is a collection of user submitted instruments.  Click on thumbnails for larger images.

Holton - Clarke

Model: Holton-Clarke
Key: Bb

Model 504 - Collegiate

Model: 504
Series: Collegiate
Key: Bb


Model: Coutier
Key: Bb

New Proportion

Model: New Proportion
Key: Bb

Model 28

Model: Model 28
Key: Bb

Model 29

Model: Model 29
Key: Bb